Providing machining and fabrication services for commercial and residential projects since 1983

Maintenance, Restoration and Manufacturing Services

At MJ Snyder Ironworks, Inc., we offer incredibly diversified company ideals.  Be it pipeline maintenance or custom furniture; we exceed our customer’s expectations on every project we undertake.  We produce custom ornamental projects, including but not limited to, hand-forged estate gates, fences, and stair railings.  We also have significant experience with the fabrication and repair of equipment and offer agricultural support services.

Our Team

The team at MJ Snyder Ironworks is composed of creative, highly skilled artisans. We understand and appreciate the value of hard work.  We strive to deliver every project completed with pride.  As professionals and craftspeople, we attend to every detail of our projects.  At MJ Snyder Ironworks, we work diligently to ensure projects remain on schedule.  We have established trusted corporate contracts to help facilitate additional workforce as needed.  Our flexible and honest approach has made way for happy clients, both new and returning, large and small.


Our Goal

Our goal at MJ Snyder Ironworks, Inc. is to deliver exceptional products and experiences for all of our clients. We ensure all of our products and services meet or exceed the gold standard.

We Partner With

  • Pipeline engineers
  • Construction managers
  • Builders
  • Architects
  • Interior designers
  • Artists
MJ Snyder IronWorks INC

At MJ Snyder IronWorks Inc, we help clients with a strong vision to achieve their goal. We guide them through the design process, helping them frame their aesthetics as we go.